From Happy Centre Wellington Music Together Families!


Music Together® is a wonderful program! Each session gets better and better. Paula is incredible with the kids and is so talented. I love that it is a family program and that I was able to bring and include my infant in a program with my toddler.


My girls loved attending music together weekly with Paula. She had great energy and the diversity of music is amazing. I also love the app that can be downloaded in order to play the music between classes. So much fun, we will be signing up again! Thanks Paula!


We love the Music Together program. My now 6 year old and 3 year old have taken the program a number of times and love the songs and energy in the room. It's great have the cd and song book to sing a long at home or in the car.

Paula is very knowledgeable about music and engages the kids in activities and encourages everyone to participate whether it's with hand clapping, using instruments, shakers, scarfs or dancing. She encourages the parents to participate just as much as the kids so everyone has a great time!!

We will definitely be attending another class in the near future!


LOVE this program and Paula is great! My little one was about 8 months old when we started and even at that age he got a lot out of it. I still have the CD in the car and it makes long car trips much happier :)


"I just wanted to let people know that this is an AMAZING program! We've done it twice with my little guy and loved it both times!!!!"

Mom, Fergus